Maintenance of your air-conditioner is the best way to ensure a long life from your system.

Like all mechanical systems, regular care preserves the vital components so that they can keep functioning as designed.

Routinely having your unit inspected for gas pressures, gas leaks, coil conditions, obstructions, fan motor operation, compressor operation, zone motor operation, drainage, air flow, filtration, electrical integrity amongst many other items is the best way to ensure you are getting the most out of your air-conditioning system.

Small fees in routine maintenance are recovered in the long generally based on the end user running their system at its peak efficiency leading to reduced running costs so you will actually have a better performing air conditioner.

Please call us for a list of products, brands and particular systems we specialize in.


Service and Maintenance

Cummins Contracting offer comprehensive servicing and maintenance for both commercial and domestic heating and air conditioning.

Heating and air conditioning equipment require regular maintenance to ensure the optimal performance of the equipment. This includes scheduled or regular routine checks, which will limit the likelihood of equipment breakdown. Planned preventative maintenance ensures that the heating and air conditioning in your building remains efficient and provides everyone with a comfortable & safe environment.  

We offer a scheduled preventative maintenance service which includes, planning your equipment’s specific maintenance requirements, setting up a schedule and providing regular servicing, to assist in extending the life of your equipment.

Our servicing and maintenance includes:

  • Check and clean filters
  • Check gas levels
  • Check running pressures
  • Check heating, cooling and all other functions are working properly
  • Check air flow and improve air quality
  • Check all electrical components
  • Check general condition of indoor and outdoor units
  • Clean condenser coil and evaporator coil
  • Check outdoor fan obstruction

Our qualified licensed tradesmen deliver a high standard of quality workmanship, friendly customer service and full after-sales maintenance and servicing support to ensure your equipment is always running at optimum efficiency.

Cummins Contracting can provide a site specific, tailored maintenance program, as well as breakdown repairs on many system types/brands of both domestic and commercial air conditioning systems, to suit your requirements.


We currently have ongoing contracts to service and maintain systems operated by a vast range of clients. For all your heating, air-conditioning and ventilation equipment servicing and maintenance needs, contact Cummins Contracting.